Make sure your head is in charge of the decision-making—not your heart.  Make a list of all the features you’re looking for in your next home, classifying the features by “must haves” and “desirables”.  And—this is crucial—make the list before you begin the home-hunting process.  Bring your list along to each property you view, referring to it frequently.

Get pre-approved for a mortgage before you start to shop.  Knowing how much you can—and can’t—afford will help you to keep your home search focused on properties within your budget.  You’ll also be less likely to overpay if you get your financing sorted out before you begin looking for properties, instead of later, when you might feel pressured from time constraints.

Have any home you plan to make an offer on professionally inspected.  One of the aspects a property’s price should reflect is it’s condition.  So, to determine if a price is fair, you need to know exactly what condition the property’s in.  A home inspection may reveal defects even the seller is unaware of.  As well, the inspection results can be a useful negotiating tool.

If you’re considering a move, you’ll want the latest information on local housing prices, financing information and new regulations that may have been implemented since you last bought or sold real estate.  Please call me for the latest information, today!